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  • Version: 1.2

An Asteroids-style space pirates adventure

Wazzal features the classic Asteroids perspective and gameplay– a zenithal point of view and rotational movements – but in a totally different game.

Wazzal is set in the year 2314, when the human race has expanded to some other planets in the Solar System and you work as part of the crew in a cargo spaceship. When war breaks out, it's your turn to take control of the ship and fight for survival as a space pirate.

Your overall aim in Wazzal is to gather a complete fleet of ships so that you can defeat more powerful enemies. You'll be assigned different missions, usually involving traveling from one planet to another, meeting other people and eventually engaging in space battles.

Despite this original plot, I found Wazzal to be a bit disappointing, especially the graphics, which are not as good as I expected. Also, gameplay in Wazzal is so different from other games it makes it really difficult to control the spaceship.

Wazzal is a new twist to Asteroids clones: a space pirates adventures that unfortunately may be a bit too difficult to play.


  • Original plot


  • It's difficult to get used to gameplay
  • Graphics are not extraordinary


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Wazzal 1.2 for PC


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